Winning Kokka Organizzazzjoni 2019

We are very pleased to announce that ASCS has won the Kokka Organizzazzjoni. This award is given annually to the Student Organisation that was mostly active on Campus during the academic year 2018/2019. This award was achieved due to the great number of successful and entertaining events and programmes achieved and done during the past year. The following are the events that made this Kokka possible.

Launch of Membership scheme

This year showed the introduction of a great first for ASCS, the launch of the membership scheme. This scheme offered free past-papers, offers with corporate sponsors and other outlets, the chance to win a flight and a free freshers’ pack filled with goodies. This scheme was a great success with 496 registered members.


Freshers’ week is ASCS’ biggest event year in, year out and this year was no exception. The membership scheme was launched during freshers with numerous freebies being distributed with the membership scheme. Free food and drinks were distributed on a daily basis. A selfie stand was set up as a way for students to express themselves at the freshers’ stand. The photo which would got the most reactions was eligible to win a free flight with Air Malta.The annual live-in was launched during Freshers’ with a record breaking 120 students signing up. The annual Business trip was announced was also heavily promoted on the stand. Academic help was given on a daily basis on the stand to any students needing help. Daily university tours were also being given to the first-year students to help them become familiar with the environment.The Fresher’s talk was organised which was a great success.

Industry events

Unpuzzle Your Future

This was an innovative event which took place over the summer. This event was a sort of online swipe right where job vacancies (which were relevant to the business sector) were advertised for FEMA students. ASCS received a large number of applications with many of these applications resulting with students getting employed to this very day.

Swipe Right

The second ever edition of Swipe Right was organised this year. It was a unique opportunity for students to seek employment in an industry related to their studies. Students had the opportunity to swipe right to those companies which they were interested in whereby they were given the chance to be invited to a follow-up interview if the respective company deemed the candidate to be the perfect match.Over 100 applications were received with the demand being so great that the venue taken was changed to a bigger one (the ICT auditorium). Renowned companies from a vast number of industries were invited to participate; including areas including Accountancy, Insurance, Marketing, Banking, IT and many others.

ASCS Wine Estate Visit

ASCS collaborated with Meridiana Wine Estate in Ta’ Qali to offer the students this unique opportunity of visiting their wine cellars. This visit consisted of a detailed tour of the Meridiana Wine Estate, their premises and an insight into their current operations and processes. Such visit, which was free of charge, was aimed towards all FEMA students, however non-FEM