The Team

Who We Are

Mikela Chetcuti


"I’m a 21 year old Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Banking & Finance and Insurance and currently progressing to my third and final year.


I cannot say I have been interested in student activism long but over the past two years, it has been something extremely close to my heart. As last year's Public Relations Officer, and now as President for ASCS, I have truly understood the meaning of forming part of an organisation.  ASCS gave me a sense of purpose during my university experience on so many levels. Not only did ASCS help me form numerous lifelong friendships, but it also helped me become a better leader, enhance my public speaking skills, and most importantly develop the confidence in myself to be who I truly want to be. I genuinely believe that ASCS has helped me grow as a person, and I aspire to help more students have a positive and enjoyable university experience.


I consider myself to be quite a fun and energetic person. Some of my many hobbies include singing, reading romantic novels and cuddling my adorable dog, Cooper. My one aspiration in life is to be happy at all costs and to be able to make others around me just as happy."

Beppe Lauri

Vice President

"I am a 21 year old student reading for a BSC in Business and IT.

I have been interested in student politics ever since stepping foot into Junior College and I have great passion in keeping up to date with current affairs. Other hobbies that i have taken up over the years are photography, fishing and travel. I would say that without traveling I wouldn't be the same person. Understanding different cultures around the world is something I consider to be one of the reasons to live.

Some of my aspirations in life would be to build a family and seek happiness in anything I would be doing at the time, and of course, keep travelling. After being part of the ASCS executive last year as Events Officer it felt only natural to continue my journey with this organisation. I have been enriching my skills ever since and found great satisfaction in being able to represent other students."

Jake Borg

Secretary General

"I am a third year BCOM student, studying Accountancy and Insurance. Last year, I was the Academic Officer for ASCS. Despite the difficulties that last year brought with it, ASCS helped make my University Experience so far ten times better. Thanks to this organisation, I managed to make life long friendships and discover different personality traits about myself that I never really knew I had.


I am half Maltese and half Australian, I am known for being quite spontaneous and I do not have any sense of direction. My hobbies would include music and maybe spamming my Instagram stories. Fun fact about myself is that I am able to recognize the majority of the European Country Flags, and the reason is that I get way too excited when it comes to Eurovision.


I aspire to in the near future work as an Accountant and maybe further my interest when it comes to music. However, most importantly, I wish to become a person that would make the younger me proud of who I have become, and bring a source of sunshine to someone’s stormy season."

Zane Camilleri

Financial Controller

"I am currently studying a degree in Marketing and Insurance as one of my main aspirations is to be part of a Marketing team, possibly abroad.

In my free time I like to practice sports, go to the gym and plan for trips abroad. As a person i feel like I'm very hard working and dedicated when the job at hand is of interest to me. I am also quite stubborn and always try to find solutions when a problem arises. One thing I find very important is to have a full schedule and thus enjoy having a lot of work to do.

Student activism has always interested me and having been part of ASCS for the past year, i felt that it was time to take a step forward and take up the role of Financial Controller"


Yasmine Galea

Academic Officer

"I am a 19-year old student reading for a Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy and Banking and Finance.


I always seek to keep myself busy as much as possible. The best thing about it is the enjoyment and experience which I get out of each of them. I try my best not to stress about how I am going to cope.


From a very young age, I had taken up acting as a hobby which serves as an opportunity for me to put myself into the shoes of different characters. I believe that eventually this can really help you in dealing with real-life situations themselves. Year after year, I believe that it truly has helped in developing my creativity and imagination and thus aids me in being proactive.


Involvement in student activism has always been something I am passionate about, especially when tackling academic and environmental issues. I feel as though student activism brings out in me a more responsible and reachable person."

Nicola Kirkpatrick

Industry Officer

"I am 23 years old and am reading for an MA in Public Policy Leadership.

I have been involved in student activism since my first year in university, forming part of a number of student organisations and also being a student representative. Besides student activism my other interests include dancing and hanging out with friends.

I joined ASCS this year as I wanted to take the experience I have gained over my years in activism and apply it within FEMA in order to help the students that make up the faculty."

Cristina Grech

External Relations Officer

"I am a 19 year old Bachelor of Commerce student, majoring in Accounting and Insurance.


My hobbies include going to the gym and meeting my friends in my free time. After having taken part in JAYE Company Program during sixth form, I have greatly improved my communication and time management skills, and I felt like joining a student organisation in university would help me put my strengths into practice. Joining ASCS has been a very positive experience so far, enhancing my journey at university.


I am very looking forward to working even more with the team, and to continue building a relationship with other FEMA students."

Amy Vella

Public Relations Officer

"I am 20 years old and I’m in my first year of Masters in Accountancy.


I have always taken interest in student activism and have grown to appreciate the experience and exposure you gain from taking part in a student organization such as ASCS.


I have a passion for traveling and exploring different countries. I also enjoy the occasional painting session and reading books.


My biggest aspiration in life is to be able to provide for my family the way they have always provided for me and to become the best version of myself."

Yanica Aquilina

Media Officer

"I am a 21 year old aspiring marketer with a passion for creativity and design; currently reading a master of science in strategic management and digital marketing.


This is my second year running as a media officer for ASCS. This experience has helped me to enhance my creativity and develop new skills in graphic design, digital marketing and social media management, as well as help me to grow my confidence, determination and time management skills.


My hobbies include painting, cooking and travelling. I aspire to live my life to the fullest and take every fruitful opportunity that comes my way."

David Mallia

International Officer

"I am 22 from Pembroke currently doing an MSc in Strategic Management and Digital Marketing.


I love to scuba dive and travel a lot. Through my Erasmus experience I managed to visit most parts of Europe and I would highly recommend the Erasmus program to anyone interested. I also love photography; focusing mainly on corporate and live events. Student Activism is also close to heart. Ever since I entered University, I always felt that I could do something more than just receive, so I contested and got elected as a student representative on the MAKS faculty board. This experience changed the way I viewed my educational journey and hence I began my journey as a student activist later on joining MKSA and becoming president of the same organisation.


Through ASCS, I was able to continue this journey and hopefully, will be able to give students a once in a lifetime experience through the trips and also be of a helping hand to any international students which arrive at our University."

Ġorġ Vella

Policy Officer

I'm a third year BCOM student, majoring in Public Policy and Management.


Being Gozitan, upon my first year at university I've had to learn to live on my own, and devise a balance between my studies, work and leisure. Moreover, the many different backgrounds and opinions of people I've met through my course have developed a passion for policy, civil society, humanitarianism and environmental conservation within me. My other passions include travel, football, and the underground music scene. I've also developed a passion for Renaissance Art, and Greek Mythology.


I'm usually described as a very outgoing person, always looking to escape into nature, converse about current and political events, or attend a festival. As Policy Officer, I hope to serve as a voice to students, enhance my academic abilities, and forge long lasting relationships with the many wonderful and fascinating characters one can find on campus!"