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ASCS does not claim to have authored these past papers, and in no way are they assuring their quality. ASCS is therefore not responsible for any misuse of these past papers, as they are only intended as extra material which may be referred to if required. These past papers are a useful study resource meant to supplement the content provided during lectures, yet they are in no way intended to replace lecture notes or lecturer’s guidance. It is imperative to note that there may have been changes in some study-units, syllabi, and methods of examination over the years, rendering sections of these past examination papers outdated.

If any further information or assistance is required, feel free to contact us on or


Please note that to be able to access past papers, you need to have an account for our website AND an ASCS membership.  Once applied for both membership and an account has been created access to past papers will take 1-2 business days as access is granted manually.


Download the ASCS Average Calculator to determine your average mark and check your eligibility for a Master's course! Note that this is applicable for students graduating in the 2023/24 academic year.

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